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Equipped with the latest technology and instruments out of the last generation , Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant Clinic is obviously

The heart of our work in Istanbul .

Opened up 2 years ago Dr. Cinik has been transformed into one of the leading hospitals with the most modern sur-gical techniques and also famous in the field of research of hair restoration.

Specially trained professionals, always up to date, are responsible for excellent results. Estepera together with the team of Medicalfue guarantee you the best comfort, the most modern medical techniques, so you will return to your new image without pain or headaches.

OUR SPECIALISTS and their medical team

The Dr. Emrah Cinik, enjoyed the best formation from the leading specialists on the field of hair restauration and specially on the FUE technique. Two years ago they opened up their own hospital and formed their own medical team. Within the last two years they already became well known specialists travelling around the world to explain FUE-method to international doctors and specialists. mundo. http://www.emrahcinik.com/

                                                                      Our clinic

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