Welcome to Medicalfue hair trasnplant

                         Welcome to Medicalfue

The transplant methods and techniques used, together with continually improving tools and progress in the experience, excellent and on-going training of surgeons and medical staff, make Turkey a world leader in hair transplant in terms of results, experience and quality.

Almost 400.000 tourists come to our country every year for hair transplants, placing themselves in the hands of the most reputable doctors who have turned this technique into an art over the years.

At MEDICALFUE, we turn your transplant into a unique, fully personalised experience, with trained, multilingual staff that will help you and provide support not only during surgery but during your entire stay, 24 hours a day.

Our company is committed to quality, not quantity, and thus it’s not numbers that interests us but people, and we provide such a personalised service that by the time patients become part of the family.

The success and renown earned by Turkish doctors specialised in the field has increased their demand, in turn increasing the concerning numbers of surgeries performed not by doctors but their teams, which undermines the final quality of the transplant. At MEDICALFUE, we have a single clinic in Istanbul, with two teams of medical staff led by our two doctors, who personally perform all our surgeries themselves, which limits the number of FUE procedures we can perform a year but guarantees the highest excellence in what we do.

Subsidies from the Turkish government make it possible to offer prices this low, drawing more medical tourists to our country and making Turkey the most advanced country in hair transplant procedures in the world.

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